Annual subscription (4 issues) is 484,- CZK (€ 23 for customers from Slovakia) including VAT. Also just particular  issues can be ordered individually.

Unless we receive a written request (or an e-mail) to cancel the subscription, we will send an invoice for the subscription for the following year together with an issue No 4 automatically.

The magazine is sent by post. Any changes should be reported as soon as possible please.

For Slovak customers only: if you require charging excluding VAT, please send us a Certificate of Registration for VAT.

The magazine is published 4 times a year:

  • Issue No 1 – April / May,
  • Issue No 2 – July / August,
  • Issue No 3 – October / November,
  • Issue No 4 – January / February (following year),


The journal can be ordered by e-mail, fax or post (see contact) or by filling in the following form (the form available in Czech version only).