We kindly ask the authors who send an article to the journal Emergency Medicine to confirm an acceptance of the terms of publishing by filling in the form (required for every article sent; the form available in Czech version only). By accepting the terms an author confirms that he has been acquainted with the Code of ethics of the journal Emergency Medicine.

The editorial board accepts the contributions corresponding to the professional profile of the journal. In the journal original papers, case reports, reviews of the literature or short messages are published and categorized into the following sections: Emergency departments / Prehospital emergency care / Disaster medicine / Medical dispatch / Paediatrics in emergency medicine / Diagnostic methods / Medical devices / Physiology and emergency medicine / Guidelines / Education / Ethics, psychology, law / Czech Resuscitation Council newsletter / Discussion, opinion / Information.

By submitting the contribution, author automatically accepts the following terms:

  1. submitted contribution must be designed exclusively to the journal Emergency Medicine (EM), and if accepted by the journal, must not be granted for publication in another journal,
  2. published text becomes the property of EM and reprint in whole or in part exceeding the scope of abstract is allowed only with the consent of the publisher.

The author is fully responsible for the originality of the contribution, for it´s factual and formal correctness. For translations of the foreign texts the author’s consent should be supplied; if the article was published, also the consent of both author and publisher should be supplied. The contribution has to follow the ethical standards (the anonymity of patients, adherence to the principles of the Helsinki Declaration in clinical research, hidden advertising, etc.).

The contributions are reviewed in a mutually anonymous review process. Contributions into following sections are reviewed: Conception – management – organization, Education – experience, Professional medical topic, Ethics – psychology – law. Contributions are assessed in terms of content and form. Based on the comments of the reviewers the text may be returned to authors for supplements or revisions or may be totally rejected. In case of refusal the sent contribution will not be returned. Editorial board reserves the right to make minor linguistic and stylistic editing of the manuscript.

The essentials of the manuscript

  • The contributions must be written in Czech, Slovak or English language.
  • Text format .doc, .docx, .odt; font Times New Roman, size 12, single spacing, style Normal, left alignment, no print effects, no colored or underlined letters, not-numbered pages.
  • Figures should be supplied separately in electronic format (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .eps, .ai, .cdr – 300 dpi, fonts converted to curves) or as photographs, slides or printed artwork. Graphs must be processed for monochrome printing.
  • Names of the authors and their workplaces including mailing and electronic addresses will be listed below the heading of the contribution. Contact address will be given at the end.
  • The structure of the text of the original scientific papers: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion. Original paper is necessary to be provided with an Abstract ranging from 100 to 200 words, English translation of the abstract and 3-5 keywords. Proofreading of the submitted English translation can be in exceptional cases provided by the editorial board.
  • A list of references is given in alphabetical order. References must follow the Citation Standards ISO 690 and 690-2 (http://citace.com or examples here).

Examples of references:

UVÍZL R., KLEMENTA B., NEISER J. et al.: Vliv podání transfuzních jednotek erytrocytárních koncentrátů na koncentrace elektrolytů a acidobazickou rovnováhu in vivo. Anesteziologie a intenzivní medicína, 22, 2011, č. 1, s.. 13 – 18. ISSN 1214-2158.

GÖRANSSON KE., ROSEN A. von.: Interrater agreement: a comparison between two emergency department triage scales. European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 18, 2011, 2, s. 68- 72. ISSN 0969-9546.

Contributions are accepted to an electronic or mailing address (CD + printed version).

MUDr. Jana Šeblová, Ph.D

Fráni Šrámka 25
150 00 Praha 5
E-mail: seblo(a)volny.cz

Submitted contributions and photos will not be returned, published papers are not remunerated.