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London Ambulance Service and London 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Games

Jan Bradna, Kristýna Dušková


Paul Tattam, former Project and Operations Manager of Operations Centre of the London Ambulance Service was invited to the 3rd Czech-Slovak Congress “Operační řízení ve zdravotnictví” (Medical Dispatching) in November 2012. In the first of his two lectures he introduced activities and system of operational management of the London Ambulance Service. In the second he presented preparation and activities of the ambulance service during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With kind permission of the author we present a summary of the most important information from both lectures and subsequent extensive discussion.


The Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine

Leoš Navrátil, Jaroslav Racek, Gustav Šafr, Emil Pavlík


Government Resolution of 23 October 2013 No. 805 was approved by the concept of protection of the population by 2020, with a view to 2030. Emphasis is also placed on the development of critical infrastructure in which health care plays an important role. In doing so, the issue of healthcare facilities and the entire sector in disaster medicine in the Czech Republic for a long underestimated. It is not possible to exclude large industrial or transportation accident or terrorist attack that could endanger a significant number of the population. Missing central facility that would comprehensively the area was provided was prepared in critical situations to provide the necessary medical care , was responsible for the training of medical staff and was able to address and coordinate scientific research in the sector. The article introduces the Nikiforov Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine, which is in St. Petersburg, and that these aspects are ensured for the entire Russian Federation. Attention authors mainly focused on the focus and expertise of key departments.

The health care report of Kyiv demonstrations

Patrik Christian Cmorej, Robert Babeľa


Kiev has become the place of prolonged demonstrations. The reason of these demonstrations was refusing of comfirmation of the association agreement between Ukraine and European Union by president of Ukraine. The initial demonstration was changed to massive protests which became known as Euromajdan. Hundreds of people were injured and more than hundred people were killed during the protests. The Czech Republic admitted 38 injured people from Majdan for treatment in the Czech hospitals. The Czech Medical Team of People in Need provided health care on the Majdan during the massive protests and realized the choice of injured people to be transported and treated in the Czech Republic.


Specific aspects of care of geriatric patients

Iva Holmerová, Michaela Baumanová, Klára Staňková, Michal Šteffl, Hana Vaňková


Demographic changes bring ageing of the population, especially ageing of the oldest age groups and increase of ratio of people with chronic diseases and disability. All the named change also requirements for all health care specialties including emergency medicine. The physicians face more often all geriatric syndromes, especially frailty and cognitive impairment. Patients in terminal stages of incurable ilnesses are the other important large group. Case reports presented in the contibution illustrate specific needs of these groups of patients.

Synchronised cardioversion in the prehospital emergency care

Jana Vidunová, Robin Šín


Synchronized cardioversion is a treatment method used to break certain types of cardiac arrhythmias. This is one of the methods of electrical pulsed therapy. In hospital care, it is commonly used especially in intensive care units of internal medicine. In the prehospital emergency care, its usage is less frequent. The article describes a case report of a 59-year-old patient with hemodynamically significant ventricular tachycardia, which was successfully treated by synchronized cardioversion.

Life-threatening conditions during pregnancy – Part II. – Complications during pregnancy, cardiac arrest and CPR in pregnant woman

Andrea Smolková


Life threatening situations in pregnancy are rare, and threrfore physicians in EMS (Emergency Medical Service) don´t often gain their experience in practice. However, such situations can arise where we have to be ready to respond effectively.

In an emergency, such as with serious complications during pregnancy, or in a cardiac arrest, immediate effective action is necessary. It is crucial to understand the physiological changes during pregnancy and to be prepared for well coordinated action and generalistic approach in situations that involve two lives – adult pregnant woman and fetus. Well preparedness for action means knowledge of the physiological changes during pregnancy (we have described the changes in more detail in the first part of our article in the previous issue of the magazine) along with knowledge and recognition of the potential complications during pregnancy, which may result in cardiac arrest. In addition to the conditions which are specific for the period of pregnancy, a pregnant woman may find herself in an unrelated situations (traumas, intoxication, etc.), where the course of action becomes more complicated due to pregnancy.

The „Lazaret“ taks in Rallye Rejvíz competition 2013

Andrea Smolková


In Rallye Rejvíz, the international competition of rescuers crews plays the CPR every year the obligatory role. The author of article prepared in 2013 CPR in pregnant woman as a guarantor of task. CPR was neded in situation, when cardiac arrest occured after eclamptic seizures. Author analyzes and compares results competing crews of medical student (8 crews MUC), and crews of paramedics (22 crews PARA) and physicians (8 crews PHYS). The analysis is based on evaluation of scoreboard and own observations, which recorded as judge during the competition.

Ebola virus disease in pre-hospital care

Patrik Christian Cmorej, Robert Babeľa, Richard Didič, Miroslava Cmorej Kuklová


The preparedness of emergency medical services to provide pre-hospital care about patients suspected from Ebola virus disease is current challenges. Outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa requires to know more information about providing pre-hospital care at suspected patients. However the risk of Ebola virus disease occurrence in the Czech Republic is very low.


Statement concerning usage of extracorporal methods during cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adult patients in cardiac arrest

Vladimír Černý, Eduard Kasal, Roman Škulec, Anatolij Truhlář


Rallye Rejvíz 2014

Eva Provazníková, Marek Dvořák, Jan Gretz

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